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Follow this procedure to create a Wiki page

Step 1 - Go to the Wiki page creation page

Click on Create a page (top right of the main page), then on Page.

Give it a title, then click Create.

Step 2 - Fill in the useful information

Once the page has been created, fill in the information that will make it easier to understand.

  • Description: Make a short presentation of the object of the wiki page.
  • Categories: Specify the categories to which the page is attached.
  • Keywords: Specify the keywords that will allow users to search your page more easily.

Template:Info:You can add a category to your page by clicking on Add a block.

Step 3 - Add the main image

Click on the blue insert to open the media gallery.

You can add images from the platform or download them from your computer

A - Download an image from the platform

In the Search tab, select an image.

Click on Insert in page to publish the image.

B- Upload a picture from your computer.

Select the Upload tab in the pop-up window.

Click Select Files to search for an image on your computer.

Finalize your download by clicking on Insert in page.

In the My images tab, find all the images you have previously uploaded to Dokit.

Step 4 - Publish your tutorial

Select the status of the page from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen:

- Draft if you haven't finished writing it.

- Submit for Proofreading when you wish to submit your page to the proofreaders before it is published on the platform.

. Finalize the creation by clicking on Save.